Work out in style. 8 things.

One way to not feel lazy to flex some muscles is to have stylish sports wear. Beautiful sports items can tempt you to put them on. We’ve picked a few things that will make you want to hit the gym. Bring it on!Work Out In Style


1. T-shirt, ADIDAS, RM150

2. Watch, FILA, RM143

3. Cap, ADIDAS,

4. Sports Bra, NIKE, RM109

5. Long Pants, AVIVA, RM109

6. Sleeveless Top, ADIDAS, RM89.90

7.Shoes, NEW BALANCE, RM399

8. Shoulder Bag, PUMA, RM99

Are you looking for a particular sports item? Let us know so we can find more things that you need!

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