Why prata and dal curry make a quick and healthy meal?

Whenever possible, we cook everything from scratch. We eat food not just for it’s taste, but for its nutritional value.

However, cooking takes time- a luxury most of us don’t have. What do we do? Make our own frozen meals. Prata and dal is one of our favourite.quick and healthy meal


We love it for a few reasons:

1. Nutritious
Lentil is a rich, non-animal source of protein and iron. Ingredients include purple brinjal, red and green chills, yellow potatoes, orange carrots and red tomatoes; colorful vegetables with different phytochemical. I love that it’s seasoned with turmeric, one of the most potent spice on earth. It contains protein, vegetables, carbohydrate and spices in one dish!

2. Versatile
Dal curry can be eaten with rice or bread. It’s suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s good on its own too.

3. Freeze friendly
Dal curry freeze well- the texture and taste remains the same after reheating.

4. Economical
Most mistakenly believe that eating healthy is expensive. We did not make a proper calculation, but the above meal should cost less than RM 2 each serving.

5. Filling
A cup of dal and prata cooked with butter makes a satisfying meal for us.



  • On a weekend, we’ll cook a huge pot and divide them into glass containers to freeze. Whenever we’re hungry, we’ll take one out to defrost and reheat.
  • Plan ahead and take defrost it in the fridge a day before to make the process quicker.
  • We normally make about eight portion and they last us for more than a week.
  • Buy frozen prata. It’ll take only about a minute or two to cook.

It can be kept for months in the freezer. Dal curry is really a wonder!

Do you make your own freezer meal?

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