Why not add chia seeds into your water bottle?

I believe that the key to a healthier lifestyle is made of little changes and turning them into lifelong habits. If you eat out everyday, it’s almost impossible to light meals at home overnight. Unless you have superhuman will power, you probably will fail.

Big change starts with small lifestyle tweaks; preferably one that is easy and can fit into your schedule. For example, I make cold-press juice as often as possible (Recipe: Lazy Tangy Cold-Pressed Juice) and create a tea corner so I’ll be able to enjoy a glass of ginger tea with honey. One thing I’ve been wanting to do is to add more superfood into my diet. One of them is chia seeds.

I knew of the benefit of this trendy seed for a long time, and at one point I was very eager to use it. I sprinkle them into oats and even making a big batch of chia seed pudding to last me for a week. Unfortunately, slowly fell out of it. Recently, I discovered an easier and more ‘normal’ way to consume chia seed: add a teaspoon or more into my water bottle!

chia seed

Why is chia seeds good for you?
Healthy heart – Contains high level of omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower the bad fats in your blood that can cause heart disease and stroke.

Strong bones – High in calcium and magnesium, which promote healthy bones and teeth. It’ also high in iron, folate and soluble fibre.

Healthy gut – The gum-like fibre in sprouted seed promote good bowel movement and help stabilise blood sugar levels. Soak seeds for 1 hour to release more of their beneficial fibre.

(source: Healthy Food by Neal’s Yard Remedies)

chia seeds in glass bottle

How to enjoy a lot of chia seeds
There are plenty of ways to enjoy chia seeds e.g sprinkling into smoothie or oats. But I think one of the easiest way to eat a huge amount of chia seed is through chia seed pudding. You can easily get a quarter cup of chia seeds in one sitting.

Recipe: Chia seed pudding with oats and berries and Simple Overnight Chia Seed Pudding

chia seed pudding with oats and berries


How to have chia seeds daily? Add into your water bottle
So how do I make sure that I have some chia seed everyday? I don’t consume smoothie or eat chia seed pudding daily; but one thing I do everyday is drink water.  Naturally, a sure way that I’ll get some chia seeds daily is adding them into my water bottle.

You may remember that I was trying to ensure that I drink 8 glasses of water daily and created a DIY water bottle marked with time. While I don’t use that bottle anymore, I do fill up a 1 litre flip-top water bottle and another 500 ml one every morning. After that I’ll add a teaspoon or more chia seeds into my bottles. Easy peasy!

I admit at the beginning it is a little odd to drink water with gelatinous seeds, but you’ll get used to it. If you’re like me, you’ll even be excited to shake the bottle and see black seeds floating in your water bottle before drinking it!chia seed in water bottle 2chia seed in water bottle
Eating healthy is slow process which requires patience. Why not start with adding chia seeds into your drinking water?

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