What to do with old magazines? DIY glossy magazine nail art!

As we were spring cleaning our home, we saw a huge stack of old magazines we’ve been meaning to get rid of. We wondered what we could do with it besides recycling them.Magazine Nails - JewelPie

There were some newspaper nails tutorial on Youtube that we’ve seen and we thought why not create a glossy magazine nail art instead?Magazine Nails- JewelPie

All the tutorials called for rubbing alcohol. Much to our chagrin, we found out that rubbing alcohol is not available in Malaysia. The pharmacist recommended surgical spirit instead and we thought we’ll give it a try.

We’re glad to report that it works! So here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create glossy magazine nails.

Magazine Nails
> Surgical spirit (available any pharmacy)
> Magazines
> Coloured nail polish (We chose white so it look more like a glossy magazine)
> Top coat
> Cotton swab
> Scissors

Magazine nails- JewelPie

  1. Cut magazine paper into rectangular strips which are big enough to cover two of your nails.
  2. Paint your nails with a solid colour. We chose white to achieve the magazine look. It is essential to let it dry completely to avoid the magazine paper to stick on your nails.
  3. Cover your entire nail with the magazine strips. We wrap the paper around our nails as we find it easier.
  4. Dip cotton swab into the surgical spirit. Make sure to soak the cotton swab with enough surgical spirit
  5. Swipe the cotton swab onto your nail as if you’re painting your nails. Apply some pressure to transfer the ink from the magazine onto your nails. For a more obvious print, press your nails onto the magazine strip.
  6. Carefully remove the magazine strip. The text should be already transferred on your nails. If you’re not happy with it, you can erase it with surgical spirit; it will not remove your nail polish.
  7. Coat it with a layer of top coat. This will make the text more obvious and give the glossy finish we’re looking for.

Magazine Nails- JewelPie

The print turned out different on every nail. Sometimes the texts were clear and other times they looks faded. We even tried printing it twice which gave the nails a blurry effect.
Magazine Nails- JewelPie

You don’t have to look for a perfect transfer. An incomplete transfer gives the nails a rustic charm. Magazine Nails- JewelPieGive it a try and show us how yours turn out!

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