Why sitting is bad for your body & what can you do about it

Our body is not built for a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately these days, most of us are desk-bound at our jobs; making it somewhat a norm in the working world which is also why the ‘standing while working’ trend started to grow as we realise how dangerous sitting for too long can do to us.
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What happens when you don’t move?
Many parts of our bodies rely on us to move to function properly. Imagine what would’ve happened if we deny them their needs? Aside from serious health issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney and liver problems, some of the major red flags includes:

1. Weight gain
Sitting for too long will temporarily deactivate an enzyme that helps break down fat. The fact is that you won’t burn fat as well when you sit as compared to when you move around.

2. Lowered concentration
For optimal brain power and concentration, your brain needs a good supply of blood and oxygen. However the longer you sit the less oxygen will enter your blood stream, and the less blood will flow. This will result in lowered concentration, making you less productive.

3. Back pain & spinal problem
The common way of sitting, which is a curved back and slumped shoulders, not only causes back pain. It is a lethal position that causes uneven pressure on your spine; which will damage your spinal discs, ligaments and joints in the long run.


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What can you do about it?
Is there any way to keep our bodies healthy and happy, even if we have no choice but to sit for long hours? Here are some ideas:

  1. Sit straight, don’t slouch. The simple solution would have to be for you to invest in ergonomic chairs.
  2. Invest in a standing desk. With an adjustable desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing while you’re working.
  3. Set a reminder to yourself to get up every half hour. Download the Time Out Free app which helps to remind you to take a break.
  4. Stretch and move around. You can do light exercises in the office, or simply walk around to get your work done instead of calling or emailing your colleagues.

You can also invest in these products for long-term benefit:


1. BD-333 Ergo-Smart Desk
This smart desk has 1-second Germany hydraulic height adjustment and is made of stainless carbon coated structure. It can be tilted to 0-21 degree. Comes with a 10-year warranty.
Ergoland, RM2988.00

2. DR-7500G Leader Collection Seat
The ergonomic seat  has dual backrests flexible mechanism which is designed to adapt to your body movements in all seating positions. This patented distinctive feature promotes dynamic sitting and good spinal health.
Ergoland, RM2988.00


3. AM133 Work/Task Chair
The chair’s adjustable armrest design allows height adjustment to firmly support elbows and eliminate stress for extended hours of work; while the polyurethane armpad is soft and designed  to enhance support with best comfort.
AM Office, price unavailable

4. Kaya Work Chair
This ergonomic chair allows multiple adjustment to fit the user sitting posture.
Bristol, RM770.00


5. Aspirus Standard 
This package comes with Aspirus in Matte Black (current price offer is 57% off estimated retail price) and comes with 1-year warranty. The Aspirus fits on any desk, adjusts easily, tracks sit-stand, gives reminder, has the ability to connect app, is modular mount, has adjustable screen and built-in laptop and phone stand.
Aspirus, $599.00

6. Aspirus Ultimate: Early Bird
This package comes with the choice of Aspirus in Pearl White or Matte Black and the ultimate set which includes: laptop/monitor platform or dual-monitor bar, desk mat (Indiegogo exclusive design), customised laser-engraved panel and extended 2-year warranty.
Aspirus, $699.00
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Good luck in your quest to change your lifestyle!

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