What animal food is the best for you?

Here at JewelPie, we promote health through regular exercise, adequate rest and good food. Going vegetarian had always been a thought, possibly even an aspiration. But our love for food and other concerns make it almost impossible. We know we are not alone.

Solution? We’re quite fascinated by the term ‘flexitarian’, one who mainly eat greens, fruits and grains but indulges in meat once in a while. When you cannot go vegetarian but wish to, perhaps you can start with choosing better animal products.

JewelPie: When Animal Food Are Necessary


(Source: Modern Nutrition & Traditional Wisdom by Paul Pitchford, page 154)

In a health book we’re reading, it recommend eating lower-order of animal food. ‘The sequence of eggs, fish, fowl, red meat is a basic evolutionary pattern to follow’.

Have you ever thought of being vegetarian?

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