WATCH OVER ME: Safety app to alert someone when in distress

If you live in Malaysia, you are probably familiar with the highly publicised case of the girl who escaped a kidnap at The Curve shoppping mall. Xin-Ci survived and created an app, Watch Over Me, to help keep girls safe.

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As a woman who do a lot of driving and chores on my own, I understand the fear that woman faces when going out alone. This app might be of help to keep you safe by alerting your love ones when you do not arrive to an event on time.

Here is a review on how to use ‘Watch Over Me’ App:


STEP 1: Create an account
Register an account. You can sign in with your Facebook account.

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STEP 2: Key in an event and details
There are a few choices ‘Walk to my car’, ‘Take a cab’, ‘Meet someone’ and others under ‘Add new event’. We chose ‘take a cab’

You will have to key in the estimated time of arrival. For ‘Take a cab’ event, the cab number is needed. Whereas for ‘Meet someone’, you’ll be asked who you’ll be meeting.

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STEP 3: Add emergency contact
Add your emergency contacts. In the event that you did not arrive as expected, these people will be alerted.

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STEP 4: Register event
Once you key in the details and emergency contact, click ‘Watch Over Me’ and the timer will run.

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STEP 5: Confirm safe arrival
When the event is ending, you will be asked to confirm that you’ve arrived safely or extend the time. Once you confirm your safety, you have the option of letting your contact know.

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If you don’t arrive on time, an SMS will be sent to your contact. You can also trigger an emergency alert. I’ve called my sister to let her know I’m experimenting with the app. She received an SMS instantly. There is also a link to show her my location.

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This app is available for both iPhone and android. You can download this app at here (iPhone) and here (android).

Try out this app to see if you might find it useful. Keep yourself safe!

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