3 tips to find & choose your clothes easily

There are so many things in life that women nowadays have to decide. One seemingly easy but tricky one is: what to wear today?

dress It seems so petty. But it is the reality is many of us have a disorganised wardrobe or too many clothes that we don’t know what to wear! We waste time thinking what to wear and then locating it in the wardrobe. Here are three easy solutions to this problem:

1. Place like items together
Put different clothes into sections e.g dresses, tops, jeans, shorts.

2. Arrange according to colors
Arrange your clothes according to color. Put clothes of the same hue together such as yellow, orange and red. Put colorful or printed dresses together. Same goes to muted and more formal colors like black, white and nude.

3. Hangers with top that rotates
To find clothes easily, have all clothes facing the same direction. Use a hanger which top that rotates so that no matter how the clothes are placed on hanger, it is easy to hang them facing one way. Seeing all your clothes makes choosing them easier.

These three simple methods help you look for what you want to wear easily. For example, if you need to wear something darker and more professional, they are all next to each other.

Do you have any tips on how to better organise your clothes?

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