V-day Gift Guide…for the homely man (II)

His favourite place on earth is the lounge at home? We’ve round up a few things that a homely man would love. They would definitely enhance his experience at home.
JewelPie Vday Gift Guide...for the homely

1.  NESCAFE Coffee-machine NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto™ Genio (RM 599)
Coffee-machine for a fancy cup of coffee every morning before work. Of course, ideally he’ll like you to make him a cup

2. ZALORA Batman cotton boxer (RM 43)
Let him slip into this cool and comfortable Batman boxers!

3. PANASONIC Shaver (RM)
This good-looking shaver has automatic self cleaning, drying & charging system.

4. IKEA Down pillow (RM 159)
Give him a good night sleep with a high down pillow, designed especially for those who prefer sleeping on your side. It keeps the head, neck and spine aligned and straight, so he can relax

5. MAC STUDIO JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker
With this small and portable wireless speaker he can listen to music anytime, anywhere at home.

6. VIDEOEZY Star Trek DVD (RM 101.90)
If he loves his TV and is a Trekkie, get him a whole collection of Star Trek DVD. He’ll love you, we promise!

Valentine's Gift Guide

7. REDTICK A dozen bottles of Tiger beer (RM 43)
Sometimes, it’s too easy to please a man. Just give him a some beer and the remote control…

8. Wondermilk Cafe Royal Lola Valentine Cake (RM 90)
Serve the beers with a pretty cake. Try Royal Lola from Wondermilk. It has delicious buttercream icing on the outside and moist skinny devil chocolate cake on the inside.

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