Upgrade ugly home essentials to these pretty ones

Beauty is in the details. Swap old and ugly everyday essentials into prettier ones. Put that tissue box in the living room in a beautiful case. Replace the tattered kitchen towel with new ones? Transfer your soap washing liquid in a beautiful soap dispenser. These are fairly inexpensive ways to upgrade your home.

prettier home essentials

1. Woven Laundry Basket from Lazada RM 125 Shop Now

2. Tissue box holder from LazadaRM 31 Shop Now

3. Scrub brush from Rubbermaid RM 11.90 Shop Now

4. Scrub sponge from House of Presentation RM 9.90

5. Black toilet brush from IKEA RM 2.50 Shop Now

6. Stainless steel toilet brush from IKEA RM 39.90 Shop Now

7. Soap dispenser from IKEA RM 19.90Shop Now

8. Waste bin from IKEA RM 59

9. Storage box from Aino Living RM 39.90Shop Now

10. Kitchen towels from IKEA RM 9.90Shop Now

11. Chopping boards from IKEA  RM 12.90

What other unattractive things at home that need replacing?

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