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Tech TipsWHAT IS IT?
A software that creates shortcut for long texts. It helps save time and frustration from typing the same thing again and again.

For example, instead of typing your entire URL (http://www.jewelpie.com) just type a shortcut (e.g :url). The software will automatically expand the shortcut into the long text!

Here’s a video to illustrate how to use it:

Create shortcut for text that your normally type. We have:

;home for home address
;office for office address
;num for phone number
;mail for email
;url for website

Think of all the long sentences you normally have to type such as Facebook URL, a general introduction you often write in emails, etc.

Filling in form and writing emails will be so much easier!


Download here: Text Expander

Note: This software is only available for mac. If you’re looking for equivalent softwares for windows, find out more here.

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