How to store & label Chinese herbs

We started organising our Chinese herbs because we were not familiar with its names. How to differentiate the similar looking American ginseng and dang gwai (Angelica roots)?

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The fact that we are unable to read Chinese, in which the names of the herbs are called and printed make its even more difficult.

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To make picking Chinese herbs to boil soup an easy task, we started keeping them in takeaway plastic containers and then asked our herbalise to print for us labels. After a while, the habit sticks as we find that storing herbs in container and labelling them has many benefits.


> Plastic containers
> Duct tape
> Permanent marker pen
> Scissors


chinese herbs

  1. Transfer herbs into plastic container.
  2. Stick duct tape at the side of the plastic container.
  3. Label the herbs with a marker pen. We like to write both the Chinese and English name of each herb, whenever we can.
  4. Stack them up in the fridge.

chinese herbs


  • Do ask your herbalist to pack your herbs in plastic containers intead of sealed plastic bags.
  • At better herbal shop, some are even willing to print the labels for you.
  • The same method can be used to keep dry goods such as ikan bilis and dried shrimps.
  • You can use masking tape too but we find colourful duct tape a lot more cuter.

organise chinese herbs

Would you label your Chinese herbs this way?

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