Turn your Instagram photos into magnets! 3 websites in Malaysia

What’s your favourite magnet? Ours is the ‘Like’ magnet in all the way from Facebook Headquarter in Silicon Valley. But we might change our mind very soon. We found a few websites which make magnets from Instagram photos. Now you can turn your digital memories into tangible fridge magnets!

instagram magnet malaysia monstagram

What can you get Monstagram works by connecting to your Instagram account. Choose your favourite pictures and we’ll send the prints right to your doostep! You can get three types of print: Coloroids (polaroid-sized print),  Krinkle Kuts (square prints with a white stamp-cut frame) and magnets.

Price A pack of 20 magnet cost RM 42.

Website  http://monstagram.com/my/

instagram photos malaysia eleprint

What can you get Eleprint makes magnets in various sizes and shapes. They have throw-back to tin style magnets and pocket-sized polaroid-style magnets.

Price Polaroid-style magnets is sold at RM 78 for a set of 12.

Website http://www.eleprint.my/

polaprint malaysia instagram magnet


What can you get Polaprint makes photo magnets in 3 x 3 inches. Pick between glossy or matte high-resolution magnetic photo paper. To choose your photos #tag photos you want printed with #polaprintyournamesequence Eg: #polaprintjewelpie1 for 1st photo, #polaprintjewelpie2 for 2nd photo and so on.

Price RM 3.50 each with a minimum order of 6 pieces.

Website https://www.facebook.com/polaprint (email:  [email protected] )

Have fun and follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/jewelpie!

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