Too tired to clean? 3 services you might want to employ

Many of us often feel tired from working, studying or caring for our family. Yet we still have millions of chores we cannot avoid to do at home. When there’s too much on your plate and you feel that you can’t handle them, remember one word: delegate. These are a few services that you might want to hire:

1. Car wash
Let someone wash the car for you. You don’t even have to go out-of-the-way to do it. On the way back from work, you can make your car squeaky clean at most petrol stations.carwash

2. Launderer
While daily laundry might not be too cumbersome, you might want to consider leaving those huge sheets and heavy curtains to the professionals. There are also self-service laundry stores equipped with dryers.


3. Hourly maid
Scrubbing the toilet, wiping the windows and mopping the floor…are activities that requires heaps of energy we often don’t have. When the house is in a mess and you’re too exhausted to keep it clean, consider hiring an hourly maid. Here’s a list of cleaners in Malaysia.

part-time maid in Malaysia

Do you delegate?

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