TO-DO LIST: January 2013

To-do List

We love writing to-do lists and ticking them off. These are some of the things we’ll like to do this January, we figured you might too


  1.   Call or email long lost friends and family and wish them a happy new year
  2.   Review  your last year resolution. Celebrate the success by treating yourself with your favorite ice-cream (one scoop for each!)
  3.   Make a 2013 resolution- a short and kinder one.
  4.   Think about gifts for Capricorn friends & family. If you’re too busy, check Facebook to see whose birthday is coming and drop them a line on their special day.
  5.   Spend a day resting and recuperating at home after too much partying last month
  6.   Make a warm bowl of nourishing soup to give your body a healthy kickstart this year
  7.   Hug someone on 21st January (or everyday if possible). It’s world hugging day!
  8.   Pack your party bag and Santa hats and giveaway to a kid.
  9.   Clear the fridge from leftover party food.
  10.   Don’t worry about getting older. Be grateful to have lived to see another year. Not many are given the chance.

Anything else to add? Happy new year to you!

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