THIS OR THAT? Pringles vs Mr.Potato potato chips

This or that: Pringles vs Mister Potato

Some of us can’t do without snack and each of us swear by a certain brand of chips. Each recommended serving of chips is about 500kcal (equivalent to a plate of nasi lemak), hence the calories can only be justifiable by choosing the one brand that satisfy our craving most.

this or that pringlesvsmisterpotato

If our memory didn’t fail us. Pringles has been around much longer than Mister Potato. The latter emerged and made us wonder if we should switch to the newer one. Here we attempt to compare two popular brand of crisp – Pringles and Mister Potato.

Pringles Potato Crisps ( Sour Cream & Onion)

RM 5.69


Serving size – Recommended serving size is 25g,

Packaging – 23 cm in height and 6.5cm wide paper canister

Nutritional composition (/100gm) – Energy-526kcal, Carbohydrate-63g, Protein-5.5g,Total Fat:28g.

Ingredients: –Dried potato, Vegetable oil (Palm olein), Wheat starch, Sour cream & onion flavor (dextrose, salt, onion, L-monosodium glutamate, butter, food acid (citric acid,calcium lactate,acetic acid, malic acid), yeast extract,flavours, sour cream ( sour cream,milk, lactic acid), modified corn starch, parsley, rosemary,soy)rice flour, emulsifier (vegetable origin), maltodextrin, dextrose, citric acid

Taste – Pringles crisp seems to be sliced thinner and has a smoother texture. The crisp color is a few shades lighter than Mister Potato’s and it is less salty. Each slice of Pringles is thinner and its flavor is more balance-not only sour cream and onion but it has a hint of herbs fragrance to it.

Who will like it?  People who prefers a more balance taste.



Mister Potato Crisps ( Sour Cream & Onion)

RM 3.29

Serving size – Recommended serving size is 28g,

Packaging – 23 cm in height and 7.5cm wide paper canister

Nutritional composition (/100gm) – Energy-508kcal, Carbohydrate-60.8g, Protein-7.8g,Total Fate:26g, Fibre: 5.3g, Sodium:434 mg

Ingredients – Dehydrated potato flakes, Palm Olein (Permitted Anti-oxidant (E320), Tapioca starch, Sour cream flavor, Onion powder, Skim Milk Powder, Salt, Sugar, Dextrose, Citric acid, Monosodium Glutamamate (E621) As permitted flavor enhancer.

Taste – Crisp has a rough surface and has a crispier texture. It carries a strong taste of sour cream and onion. The fragrance of onion is especially distinct and leaves a strong buttery aftertaste. Color is of a darker shade of yellow than Pringles and each crisp feels thicker.

Who will like it? Someone who likes their chips to be more flavored

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pringles vs mister potato

IN A NUTSHELL: Each of the brands has its own selling point but the price is definitely a deciding factor for some. Mister potato price (on a gram-to-gram basis) is about 50% cheaper than Pringles.


*Price when the product was purchased. It might vary from one supermarket to another.
NOTE: With many choices on the shelf, you might be overwhelmed as to which product to choose. So we created a THIS or THAT column to help you make an informed choice. As taste is very subjective, THIS or THAT is merely an objective comparison of two similar product. Do write in to [email protected] with the title THIS or THAT if you need help to compare food products.

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