Things for a simple indoor garden

An indoor garden is something I’ve wanted for a while. Not only do potted plants help create a zen atmosphere at home, some plants such as chrysanthemum can even cleanse the air. However, this project got delayed because I don’t know where to start and how to maintain a garden. Recently, I am inspired by a friend’s balcony garden with plenty of hardy plants which she promised would not die in my hands. Here I am Googling for materials to start my very own indoor garden:

Indoor Garden

1. Three piece gardening set RM 11
2. Hanging planters RM 19.9o
3. Plant pot RM 3.9o
4. Hanging planters RM 19.9o
5. Green house RM 119.90
6. Watering can RM 3.90
7. Plant stand RM 65.00

All from IKEA.

Do you have a garden at home?

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