The secrets to a sustainable exercise plan for a busy girl

Do you find it hard to exercies? For the past few months, I managed to swim twice to three times a week for 20 minutes and, though rarely, squeezed in one or two short yoga sessions at home. I know that for this new exercise regiment to be sustainable, it must:

1) Takes very little of my time and
2) Convenient


LITTLE TIME: 2o minutes each session
20 minutes is all I can give in the the little time I have. Something is better than nothing right?. I was pleased to find out from New York Times that 20 minutes is all I need! Gretchen Reynolds, the author of “The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer’’ says that we reap the benefit of exercising in the first 20 minute of being active.

The key is doing continuous exercise in 20 minutes. I do about 16 laps with little to no rest in between. No chatting and playing in the pool! When time is up, I’ll come out the pool and head home for a shower, dinner and then some work!

swimming gear

CONVENIENT: Easy and fast access
I chose swimming for a few reasons, one of them is convenience. I have access to it at the apartment where I live and it takes me little time to get there. I need only change and go down to the pool (which takes about 5 minutes).

To make it even more convenient, I store my swimming materials- goggles, swim suit, towel, hair tie, etc – all in one place. When  I want to swim, I need only pull out the drawer where everything can be found, change, grab things I need and I’m ready to go.

Find something that is convenient for you. It could be the jogging around the house, yoga at home, walking up the stairs or running on a threadmill at the gym next to your office. Make sure it’s an activity that increases your heart rate and make you pant a little.

Do you exercise?

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