The 5 nail colour every woman needs

Like most modern woman, our fingers are always busy doing things like replying to mails and making meals. Hence, the quality of a nail polish is utmost important to us.

A good one not only slides on beautifully without any streaks but is often longer lasting. We’ve bought some inexpensive ones but got so frustrated- it streaks and chips so quickly- we never wear them again.JewelPie: 5 must-have nail polish

At JewelPie, we recommend you to invest in good quality nail polishes. If you’re only beginning to build your manicure kit and want the bare minimum nail lacquer to prepare you for all occasion, this list is perfect for you. Here is the five types of nail polishes every elegant woman needs and why.

JewelPie: 5 must-have nail polish

This is the color that matches your natural nails and your skin color. Choose light pink or beige.

When worn, it will give the effect of subtle but sophisticated vibe. With a white polish, this also allows you to do the very elegant french manicure.

5 must have nail polish for stylish woman

Essie Topless and Barefoot, OPI SamoanSand, Sally Hansen, OPI Passion

Red is a classic nail color which exudes confidence and sexiness. However, it is the most tricky to pick. Try as many red when you’re you go for a manicure and, when you find one, stick to it.

At a manicure house beside the beach, we found the perfect red which we have worn for a long time. We noticed the orange undertones complements our skin color. It’s a bonus that we’re absolutely in love with the color.

5 must have nail polish for stylish woman

Essie Bahama Mama, Chanel Dragon, Estee Lauder Enchanted Garnet, OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It

This is the color that your wear to your holiday or for a pop of color to your outfit. It should be bright and makes you happy by just looking at it.

Pick your favorite color, or the color that appears least in your wardrobe for a contrast.

5 must have nail polish for stylish woman

OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Essie Apple Mint

This is a bottle you reach out to for mysterious, dramatic touch to your look. Choose the darker shade of red, brown, grey.

We prefer to step away from black and pick more elegant colors like taupe, dark brown, navy blue and grey.

5 must have nail polish for stylish woman

Estee Lauder Viper, MAC Ming Blue, Estee Lauder Dress To Kill, OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts

French manicure is an all-time favorite for ladies and the usual choice for brides. The white tip on a pink bed of nail, just like our natural nails, gives a natural yet sophisticated look.

Choose one that is not too white- it can be too contrasting and unnatural.

5 must have nail polish for stylish woman

Sally Hansen, Essie Marshmallow, OPI Alpine Snow

What colour do you have in your nail polish collection? Tell us at the comments below or on Facebook!

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