The Jewel List: vampire bottle opener, two-toned yoga mat & other fabulous things!


1. Makeup: Your Life Guide To Beauty, Style and Success
Michelle Phan’s highly anticipated book has finally reach our shores. Available at major bookstores.
RM 79.90

2. Vampire bottle opener
The old folk legend is that vampires fangs were so strong, they could chew stone with such easy, which is why crafters in Barcelona, Spain took to this idea of a bottle opener. Made from stainless steel and plastic, it brings a fun design to a functional use indeed.
Corpick RM 43

3. UNDERCOVER Metal Handle Lady Bag
Constructed like a classic lady bag, this elegant version by Undercover features an all-over print. Carry it by its handles for a timeless elegant style. Features a twist closure.
Club21 RM 1621

4. Tea Storage
Compartmentalized tea storage to store all the different flavored tea bags.
Aino Living RM 59.90

5. Raw pizza base
Raw pizza base made of buckwheat, flaxseed sage and chili
Delicious Detox Delivery RM 7 per piece (without toppings) 

6. Paper napkin
White paper napkin with colourful stripes to brighten up your table setting.
IKEA RM 4.90



7. Lily Balconette Bikini Set 
Bring tropical prints into the pool or beach with this bikini set from INDIKAH.
Fashion Valet RM 189

8. Stella McCartney Falabella Key Ring
Crafted from Plexiglas, this Falabella Key Ring can be attached to your bag as a charm or use as a standard key ring. It is ideal as a gift.
Club 21 RM 611

9. Miss Dior
Are you an independent woman who is not afraid of taking the boldest step towards a future that is wholly yours? Well, this is the scent for you!
DIOR price unavailable


10. Cactus Vase
The Cactus plant bears the representation in some cultures to be a the original ‘diamond in the rough’, because of its ability to grow in extremely dry conditions. Moved by that idea, designers have crafted this porcelain made vase, that takes the shape of a cactus plant.
Corpick RM 86

11. KITCHENAID Porcelain Enamel Kettle
A cute kettle to make your morning hot coffee-making routine a tad bit better.
Parkson RM 289


12. Aktur Cushion
IKEA RM 39.90

13. Owl Salt/Pepper shaker
Aino Living RM 14.90

14. Wood lemon reamer
You recipe calls for 400 g of shallots? Let this primary green scale do the job.
House Of Presentation RM 16.85


15. Lunch set with sports bottle
Do you pack your own lunch to work? If not, it’s time to start! Find out how at #LunchboxMonday
House Of Presentation RM 74.80

16. Balina
Adidas RM 160

17. Two-toned exercise mat
Eco Yoga Mat RM 149.90

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