Evernote a digital notebook for computers, tablets & phones

How do you manage your life? At JewelPie, we believe in not wasting our time searching for things or working inefficiently. We save time for things that really matters, like family and friends.Evernote Sunday

Hence, we use Evernote help us organise our life and remember things. Starting from next Sunday, we will share with you one tip how we use Evernote for a simple and beautiful life.evernote

For now, here’s an introduction to the possibly most useful software you could ever download:

What is Evernote?
To put it simply, Evernote is a digital notebook. It keep all your notes, photos and videos in one place. It allows you to find these documents anywhere, across all your gadgets.


How can it help simplify my life?
Evernote ensures that you will never forget anything. Store all important information or ideas in it. When you need it, just search in Evernote. It help you save you time from looking for things.


What can I do with Evernote?
It’s a great place to keep all important and unimportant things like medical records, recipes, travel plans etc. You can constantly add new information.

Need to copy some notes displayed on the projector during a meeting? Just snap a photo from Evernote app in your phone; it will turn physical documents into digital notes.

Evernote SundayEvernote Sunday

Why should we download Evernote?
It helps you remember every detail so you don’t have to waste time searching for things. With a library of personal information and ideas in the smart phone, tablet or computer; it help you remember things anywhere, even when you travel.

Evernote Sunday

There are plenty of ways to organise and simplify your life through Evernote. Stay tune to our new Evernote Sundays series to help you increase your productivity.

Are you an Evernote user? If not download it here for free.

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