THIS or THAT: Kraft singles & Anchor cheddar cheese slices

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Cheddar cheese has a permanent home in our fridge. It enhance any sandwiches such as our go-to 2 minutes egg muffin and makes filling snack. As we are not too picky about cheeses, we pick whichever brand that is on offer. This time, we decided to learn more what we eat and picked two popular brands – Kraft and Anchor- for a comparison.

KRAFT singles processed cheese
12 slices, 250 g
RM 10.67

Kraft cheddar cheese slices Malaysia

Claim to goodness Hi-calcium. Enhanced with Vitamin D for strong bones

Ingredients Cheese from cow’s milk, milk solids non fat, acidity regulators (E270, E331), Emulsifiers (E339, E341), Cream, Salt, Preservative (E200), Rennet from Cows, Vitamin D3.

Country of Origin Australia.

Made by Mondelez

Storage instruction Shelf life: 12 months. Keep refrigerated ( 2 – 4 ° C)






ANCHOR cheddar cheese slices

12 slices, 200 g
RM 7.65*

Anchor cheddar cheese slices Malaysia

Claim to goodness A versatile mild to medium cheddar cheese flavoured slice, with great texture. It has convenient and hygenic individual slice wrap. Ideal cheese as a filling for sandwiches and as a snack.

Ingredients Cheese (Cow’s milk, Salt, Cultures and Enzymes), Water, Milk Solid, Non Fat Milk Solids, Salt, Contains Emulsifiers (E341, E331, E339 and E322), Acid Regulator (E330) and Thickener/ Stabiliser (E460) as Permitted Food Conditioners. Contains Permitted Preservatives (E200) and Colouring (E160b).

Country of Origin New Zealand.

Made by Fonterra

Storage instruction Store at 3 ° C)




VERDICT: It’s incredibly difficult to explain how cheese taste so we wouldn’t try. While both cheddar slices looks the same, they are made in two different countries. Their ingredients differs significantly, with Anchor containing colouring and food conditioners.


*Price when the product was purchased. It might vary from one supermarket to another.

NOTE: With many choices on the shelf, you might be overwhelmed as to which product to choose. So we created this column to help you make an informed choice. As taste is very subjective, THIS or THAT is merely an objective comparison of two similar product. Do write in to [email protected] with the title THIS or THAT if you need help to compare food products.


Do you buy sliced cheese? What brand do you normally buy?

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