Mushroom & Coriander Sandwich (10 minutes)

Mushroom and Coriander Sandwich is one of the six recipes I’ve created for HER WORLD magazine (March issue: Power Packed, page 157) . I wanted to show that it’s easy to make nutrient-dense and delicious …

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Egg & Barley Mayo Sandwich

We love healthy food and we always try to include nutritious ingredients in our everyday meal. Unfortunately, not all our loved ones share the same sentiment. Hence, we are always looking for tricks to make …

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LUNCHBOX MONDAY: Tuna Salad Sandwich

Alongside 1M4U, we are supporting the ‘Lunchbox Monday campaign’. In this social project, we encourage working Malaysians to pack food to the office every Monday! In the following Mondays, we will be sharing ideas for …

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Make a 2 minutes egg sandwich!

Many of us automatically reach out to a packet of instant noodles when are hungry and lazy to cook. While it is nice to eat it once in a while (we love Maggi mee goreng!), …

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