Steamboat party in 30 minutes (12 ingredients)

Quick Cook: quick and fresh meals in minutesWe love throwing dinner parties at home for family and friends. When work gets too demanding, it’s easy to choose to eat out or order pizza delivery instead. However, the joy of eating something prepared at home and the ease of lounging at a familiar place cannot be compared to commercial restaurants with closing hours and little privacy.

JEWELPIE - steamboat

So we came up with an idea of throwing a simple steamboat party in 30 minutes.

> Packaged food We chose mostly package food so there’s no need to wash, clean or cut anything
> Easy to prepare fresh ingredients like cabbage, enoki mushrooms and prawns are chosen as they need only little preparation.
> Packet soup flavouring and stock cube saves time from boiling soup
> Condiments in bottles like belacan chilli and roasted garlic can be bought

JEWELPIE - steamboat

(good for a party of 4)
> Meat slices
> Tofu
> Fishballs
> Crab sticks
> Eggs
> Noodles
> Enoki mushroom
> Cabbage, washed
> Prawns
> Soup in a packet (we are using pepper spice soup) and chicken stock

> Induction cooker/stove and pot
> Condiments like belacan chilli or crispy garlic in soy sauce (optional)

HOW-TO:JEWELPIE- steamboat
(1) Boil soup with soup flavouring of your choice and a cube of chicken stock. (2) Trim away the legs and the sharp edges of the prawns. (3) Unpack all packet food and clean vegetables. (4) Arrange all ingredients on big platters. (5) Prepare dipping sauces like belacan chili and soy sauce with crispy garlic. (6) Add ingredients into soup, wait for them to cook and enjoy!

JEWELPIE - steamboat

We wanted to get a variety of ingredients – like fish, crab, prawns and meat- yet want them to be fuss-free and as fresh as possible. There are plenty of packaged and fresh food that are great for steamboat. You can choose other things like meatballs, cuttlefish and sausages.

JEWELPIE - steamboat

We love to start with putting cabbage and prawns; it gives the soup more flavour. When the soup depletes, just add more boiled water. Enjoy!

JEWELPIE - steamboat

What do you normally put in your steamboat?

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