Hand blenders for any budget

Hand blender is one of the must-have appliance in our kitchen as we make quite a lot of western soup (Have you tried our roast tomato soup or carrot and coriander soup). We use it to blend soups directly in the pot. It’s so handy! If you’re looking for one, we have picked a few for your to consider:


SPLURGE These blenders are made from better quality material and have more powerful motor. They come with different attachment such as food processor bowl and whisk. We are using one which stick is made from metal. If you would be using this tool a lot, you might want to consider getting these.

PANASONIC Mx-ss1 More info
BRAUN, RM 299 Shop Online
PHILIPS, RM 390 Shop Online
KENWOOD, RM 656 Shop Online

hand blender 2

SAVE Princess cost a fraction of the price of the blenders above and come with more accessories. However, the material and its power is unclear. The lower range hand blender from Philips is made from plastic and is without other accessories. However, if you use a hand blender occasionally or would like to try how useful it is, these hand blenders make a good choice.

PRINCESS RM 88 Shop Online
PHILIPS RM 129  Shop Online

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