Instant smoothies in freezer bags (and an amazing green recipe!)

My ambition to eat healthy and be fit is often met with road blocks. How to do it? Do I have time for it? Can I sustain myself in a new diet that my body is not used to? Then, I get de-motivated because living a healthier lifestyle seems so hard to do when I have so many other things that needs my immediate attention.

Then I thought to myself, “It’s ok Sara. One step at a time!”. I  believe the first step to live better is to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables. The easiest way is through smoothies. I only need to put everything into the blender, press a button and it’s done!

The only thing that had been stopping me from having smoothie is time and inconvenience of preparing it, especially in the morning. Imagine my delight to discover the trick of packaging pre-cut fruits and vegetables in freezer bags!

This is one delicious recipe from the classic juicing book Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko. Though it looks very green and unappetising to those who dislike vegetables, it contains sweet ingredients like grapes, oranges and banana. I’m sure it will be popular among kids and people who are sceptical of smoothies. If you want to convert someone into eating better, this is a to-go recipe.

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