Simple Prawn Cocktail (4 ingredients)

At our beach-themed party, we served mainly seafood (Check out our pufferfish fruit platter!). One of our favourite is individual prawn cocktail.

prawn cocktail

We like how easy it is to make this dish. There’s really no skills involve; its a matter of mixing sauces, boiling prawns and assembling them on a small dish!

Prawn cocktail

> Cocktail mixture (A combo of tomato sauce and mayonaise or Thousand Island dressing)
> Lime, halved and deseeded
> Lettuce
> Prawns, cooked and chilled
> Paprika powder (optional)

prawn cocktail


  1. Place lettuce on a small sauce bowl.
  2. Put a spoonful of cocktail mixture onto the lettuce.
  3. Put a prawn on the bed of sauced lettuce
  4. Serve with a wedge of lemon and dust with paprika powder.

prawn cocktail


  • Use a bottle of thousand island sauce instead of making a cocktail mixture.
  • You can also replace affordable limes with lemon. The latter has less seeds.
  • You can cook the prawns and make the sauce a night before and keep them refrigerated.

thousand islandTESCO (RM 5.10), Lady Choice’s (RM 5.99), Swiss Bear (RM 10.30), Telly (RM 3.90)

Are you a fan of prawn cocktails?

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