10 simple and elegant ways to jazz up your nails

Solid coloured nails are classic and easy, but they do get boring sometimes. Check out these elegant and almost effortless ways to jazz up your nails.

1. Big flakes of gold glitter on a pink bed of nailsJewelPie: Easy ways to jazz up your nails

2. A thin gold lining on dark nailsJewelPie: Easy ways to jazz up your nails

3. A yin yang of fiery red and gold polish Looks good on short and square nails844493650257389_6Jo2xg0v_c
4. Four solid nails and one glittery one Make one of your nails pop up by painting it with a contrasting or glittery nail varnishfoursolidoneglitter

5. Three layer nails This is the most difficult of the lot, but is quite easy to do with the help of scotch tapes.IMG_5705 copy

6. Pink nails with gold tips155374255864885595_pjn592ZK_c

7. Three layers nails.IMG_36111copy

8. Light gold glitter over dark on nude nails Add a little golden sparks on dark, nude nails.246642517062202205_7EnwPrSF_c
9. Polkadot nails. Paint the nails with two layers of black polish and, using a dotting tool, create small dots over the nails. Easy! (Check out our tutorial here)polkadot

10. Upside down french manicure using silver glitter.JewelPie: Easy way to jazz up your nails

I’m going to try one of these this weekend. Follow JewelPie on Instagram (@jewelpie) to see what we are up to!

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