Shop efficiently with a personalised grocery list (free template)

Last month, we wrote about 5 top grocery list app and how we personally use it. These app changed the way we shop.

While we enjoy using technology to make life easier, sometimes we like scribbling potential menus with pen and paper. If you prefer the more traditional way, you can still be as efficient.

How do we use app for grocery shopping

How? Create & print a personalised grocery list!

The idea is to create a grocery list that fit your lifestyle and paste it on the fridge. When you’re running out of, or want to buy something, mark the paper. By the time you’re ready to go to the supermarket, you will have a complete list of items you need to buy!

Shop efficiently with a personalised grocery list



STEP 1: Create a personalised list
In any word processor, create a list of groceries you normally buy. Customize it to your own needs. Be as specific as possible.

We have created one which you can download here. It contains local, Asian ingredients that we normally buy e.g lemongrass, galangal, tofu, etc.


STEP 2: Print list & stick on your fridge
Print more than a few copies and stick the on your fridge. You will discard/recycle your used list after every trip to the supermarket. Make sure you print more.

Shop efficiently with a personalised grocery list

STEP 3: Tick list
Whenever you’re running out of something, simply tick it.


STEP 4: Bring list to the supermarket!
When you’re ready to shop, bring the list along. All the marked items are things that you need.

grocey list

This way you don’t have to scratch out head and figure out what we need when it’s time to go grocery shopping. You’re less likely to forget to buy something too.

Download JewelPie’s grocery list here & let us know if there’s anything that’s missing.

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