SAVE OUR SEAFOOD: 5 foods to avoid at Japanese restaurant

S.O.S x JewelPieHave you thought that one day we might have no more fish, prawns or crabs left to eat? In the last 40 years, fishery resources in Malaysian waters had declined significantly from 2.56 tonnes per sq km to only 0.21 tonnes per sq km. That’s more than 90% decrease!


What can we do about it? Reduce buying and eating fish that are in danger. JewelPie collaborates with Save Our Seafood a campaign by WWF to encourage you to eat responsibly.

You can start by ordering the right food at your next trip to the Japanese restaurant. Here are some that you should not order as they are in the red alert category.

1. Soft-shell crab


2. Soft-shell crab handroll


3. Soft-shell crab salad


4. Ika Maruyaki (Grilled whole squid)sushi

5. Ika sushi


photo credit: Sushi King


Download Save Our Seafood guideto find out what is the recommended seafood and what need to be avoided.
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