SAVE OUR SEAFOOD: 3 Malaysian Seafood Dish To Indulge

S.O.S x JewelPieOnce upon a time, our oceans are considered to be so rich with seafood it is not possible to ever finish them. Unfortunately, it is no longer true. Our seafood are depleting so rapidly that if we continue doing what we are doing, we will have no more seafood left in 40 years.

JewelPie: sea snail

Previously, we have told you the 5 seafood not to buy and dishes you shouldn’t order at Japanese restaurant. Rest assure that our intention is not to deprive you. Like many Malaysians, we love to eat. While there are things you should avoid, there are also seafood that are highly recommended. Here are a few Malaysian favourites that are safe to eat:

1. Blood cockle (kerang)

2. Lala clam (lala)


3. Clam (kepah)



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