Samsung Microwave Oven With Pre-programmed Malaysian Recipes

Samsung has introduced a new range of all-in-one microwave ovens. What makes them special is their pre-programmed Malaysian recipes. After preparing the ingredients, you can cook food such as brown rice and grilled salmon steaks just by pressings buttons (instead of turning on the stove and stirring food with a cooking spatula).

What’s cool about this microwave?

SLIM FRY™ technology – combines a grill with warm air circulation. Food is cooked crispy inside and out using minimal oil.

Healthy Steam function and Pure Steamer – quickly and easily prepare steam cooked food by automatically selecting the optimal cooking time based on the type of food and its size.

Hot Blast™ technology – powerful hot air is blown through multiple air-holes cooking food evenly and quickly. Hot Blast™ technology reduces cooking time significantly and ensures that food is juicy and moist in the inside while retaining its crisp outside

Pre-programmed with a variety of Malaysian recipes – there are X number of recipes that is printed at the inside of the microwave. These recipes are developed by Executive Chef of KDU University College’s Department of Culinary Arts, Chef Fami Taufeq.

Samsung’s wide range of microwaves retails from RM299 to RM1, 499. Available at selected Samsung retail outlets and authorised dealers nationwide.

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