Robotic vacuum cleaner that sweeps and mop?

At JewelPie, we believe in making use of technology and outsourcing whenever we can. Sweeping the floor is a daily chore that can rob you of quite some time and energy. Hence, a few months ago, we recommended some robotic vacuum cleaner that are available in Malaysia.

The price tag was however a little hefty. Those robotic vacuum cleaners cost up to a few thousand. It’s difficult to justify such huge spending on a fairly new invention that many have not used before.

Hence, we found some inexpensive models from Homefest. They are mostly below a thousand ringgit. We are particularly interested in the multi-functional vacuum cleaner which also mop the floor.



If you’re not willing to fork out a few hundred, you might want to exchange one from Citibank rewards catalogue. This year, they have quite a few model for you to choose from.

Are you using a robotic vacuum cleaner at home or planning to get one?

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