Roast herbed chicken on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes

I am big on health. Unfortunately, half of my family are not. Hence, I always try to make their favourite dishes healthier such as changing the method of cooking (e.g roasting instead of frying) or sneaking nutritious ingredients into food (e.g barley into egg mayo sandwich).

Recipe: Egg & Barley Mayo Sandwich.

The most important thing is to make the meal not only tasty but substantial. Someone who enjoy food for its taste, must like the taste of the healthy meal and feel full after that. So you can imagine that I don’t make a lot of salad. What nutritious meals do I make then? One of them is roasted herbed chicken thigh on a bed of mashed sweet potato.

roast chicken 2

This meal was inspired by one of Dah Makan meals I’ve tried. I As I prefer my chicken more flavourful, I added black pepper. Now that I make my own, I added more herbs like rosemary, paprika and black pepper.

I’m so glad there is no complain that pure sweet potato (with lower glycemic index) replaced the regular mashed potato (made with milk and butter). If someone ask why you serve sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes? “Sweet potato releases sugar slowly so you won’t feel sleepy at work/school!”

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dah makan



For roast chicken:
Chicken breast/ thigh  x 1
Salt x 1/4 tsp
Rosemary, dried x1/4 tsp
Paprika x 1/4 tsp (optional)
Black pepper x 1/2 tsp
Vegetable oil

For mashed sweet potatoes:
Sweet potatoes x 2



1. Pre-heat oven to 200 C. Season chicken with paprika, salt, rosemary and black pepper. Drizzle oil over chicken and roast in oven for about 20 minutes or until tender. Remove from oven.


Meanwhile, bring a pot of water to boil and add sweet potatoes. Let it cook for about 20 minutes until tender. Peel the potatoes and mashed it with a potato masher or a fork. Season with salt or pepper, if you like. (But my opinion is that its natural, sweet taste is good enough if not much better.)

Put mashed potato on the plate and topped it with chicken. Sprinkle with chopped spring onions for extra flavour. Remember to serve mashed potato and roast chicken with some plants. A simple one would be alfalfa and cherry tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

sweet potato


  • Choose sweet potatoes of different colour (orange, yellow, purple). Not only they have different nutritional benefits, they look more appetizing too.
  • If you can, marinate the chicken overnight. It will be a lot tastier.
  • Instead of boiling the sweet potato, you can roast peeled and chopped sweet potatoes together with the chicken.

This meal is also perfect to pack to work or school.

  • Cook more and refrigerate leftover for your lunch the next day. Both the sweet potato and chicken is fridge-friendly.
  • If you want your chicken fresh and even tastier, marinate an extra chicken breast and pop it in the oven first thing in the morning. While you do your morning routine, the chicken will be roasting in the oven!
  • Do bring a fruit for tea and add a side of vegetables. A simple one will be alfalfa and cherry tomato drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
  • Use chicken breast instead of chicken thigh. The former is without bone and easier to eat with just a fork, especially if you sliced them into smaller pieces.

Roast chicken

#LunchboxMonday  is a movement to encourage you to pack home-cooked food to work or school.  You can find recipes, tips & e-books to help you prepare healthy and delicious meals. We hope to make a positive change in the community. Take charge of your health and finances. Make your own lunch. Join us at!

Is this something you would bring to work?

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