Reunion Dinner in the mountains? Check out Imperial Rama Restaurant At Genting

Why not usher in the year of the dog differently this year? Instead of going to your usual Chinese restaurant, why not have it at the cool and peaceful Genting Highlands?

Most of us who look for restaurants to celebrate reunion dinner wouldn’t think of Genting Highlands. But if you’re looking for something memorable to do this New Year, having one of the most significant family dinner at 1800 metres high is quite spectacular.

Nestled near the border of Selangor, Genting is merely 35 km away. You and your family will be there within an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Set Menus for Family Reunion at Genting Higlands

Restaurants in Genting Highland that offer Chinese New Year set menus includes Genting Palace, Imperial Rama, Ming Ren, Good Friends Restaurant, and Rajawali Coffee House.

We had the opportunity to dined at a few of those restaurants and found Imperial Rama to be the most attractive.

Clockwise from top: Doubled Boiled Sea Cucumber Soup With Dried Scallop and Codonopsis (RM 68/ per person), Prosperity Bags stuffed with Minced Seafood (RM 98), and Stewed Birdnest With Mountain Snow Lotus (RM 68/ per person). 

Imperial Rama

Imperial Rama is a Chinese-Thai fusion restaurant. This Chinese New Year, Imperial Rama came up with unique dishes such as abalone Yee Sang with Mango, Stir-fried Zhenjiang Iberico pork, Baked Chicken with Ginseng, Deep-fried Prawns with Pineapple sauce, Chinese Pancake with Yam and Sweet Potato, and Stewed Bird’s Nest with Mountain Snow Lotus. 

You’ll be impressed with their signature dishes such as Roasted Suckling Pig with Chinese crepes and Prosperity Bags stuffed with Minced Seafood. We loved the taste and the presentation of the former. The dragon head and tail carved from salt, and the body is lined with crispy suckling pig on crunchy bread and refreshing slaw.

Roasted Suckling Pig with Chinese Crepes (RM 268)

If you’re looking for a unique reunion dinner experience and auspicious dishes with a twist, Imperial Rama is the place to go.

Pricing for set menu (per table of 10 persons): RM 2388 – RM 4288

Operation Hours: 12.00pm-3.00pm (Lunch) / 6.00pm-10.00pm (Dinner)

Location: 2nd floor, Maxims Hotel, Genting Highlands

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