Tuna Tofu Egg Cakes (5 ingredients)

I try to eat fresh food whenever possible.  Instead of processed fish and burger patties, I choose fresh fish and meat. I buy whole chillies instead of those in a bottle.

However, I do store some healthier canned food (e.g tuna, tomato puree) in the pantry for ’emergency’. On days where I don’t manage to do grocery shopping and restock my fridge on time, I know I can still cook something relative fresh with those canned food.

Tuna Tofu Egg Cakes

One of the healthier ’emergency’ food I like to cook is Tuna Tofu Egg Cakes. Most of the main ingredients – canned tuna, eggs and packet tofu is always available in my kitchen.

tuna tofu egg cakes 5

You can even make it without tofu. Other ingredients are rather basic too chili, onions and coriander. As I normally cook this dish when I have nothing else to cook, this time I made it without green coriander and with a poor, shriveled chili… (Below is the original recipe).

Tuna Tofu Egg Cakes

Canned tuna x 1
Eggs, whisked x 3
Soft tofu, mashed x 1 packet (300 g)
Fresh coriander, chopped x 3 tbsp (optional)
Red chilli, chopped x 1  (optional)
Red onion, chopped x 1
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

Non-stick pan


Whisk egg and mashed tofu. Chop onions, chilli and coriander.

tuna tofu cake 3

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

tuna tofu cake 4

On a non-stick pan, drizzle about one or two teaspoon of oil. Add a tablespoon of the mixture to fry till golden brown on both sides. Each side should take about 2 minutes.

Tuna Tofu Egg Cakes 2


  • For speed, I like to put coriander, red chili and onions into a chopper.
  • A few things are optional: tofu, chili and coriander. It can taste good without. I’ve tried!
  • You can erve hot on rice or even eat as snack.For the latter, I like to dip in tomato sauce. It goes extremely well with it.
  • If you serve it as snack, sprinkle coriander and sliced chili over it for garnishing.
  • You can also make these into burger patties.
  • It’s so simple, even older kids can do it. (I heard that my cousin’s neighbour of about 12 years of age tried many recipes in JewelPie. Hello to you and do try this!)


What’s your emergency food? Please share!

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