Teh tarik (3 ingredients, 10 minutes)

Teh tarik, or ‘pulled tea’, is more than a beverage. An iconic Malaysian drink, the process of making the tea is a form of art. At mamak stalls where teh tarik is usually found, the tea-maker would skillfully pour and pull a long stream of freshly brewed tea from one huge steel mug to another, occasionally doing some stunts.

Teh Tarik- Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes

As teh tarik is inexpensive and found at every corner in Malaysia, I’ve never thought of making it at home until seeing my partner’s grandmother brewing and pulling the tea in the kitchen.

Amma, a loving lady in her 80s, is particular about making the best, authentic food for her family, even if it is just a cup of chai. She would pull the tea over the sink because she said it is more ‘sedap’ (tasty) that way.

Teh Tarik Malaysia

Serves:  2
Preparation time: 10 minutes

2 ½ tbsp  Tea dust
500 ml     (2 cups) Water, hot
4 tbsp       Condensed milk

Mug with handle x 2
Coffee filter

Teh Tarik - Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes


In a big steel cup with a handle, put powdered tea and add hot water. Cover and leave it to steep for about 5 minutes. Strain through a coffee filter into another steel cup with a handle. Add condensed milk. Stir well.

Holding a clean steel cup with tea in one hand, pour tea into a mug in another. Repeat the process a few times until tea is frothy. Try to pull it from as high as possible, allowing it to mix thoroughly and frothy. Serve hot or with a few cubes of ice for teh ais.

Teh Tarik

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30 Minutes Malaysian Meals by Sara

Is this your favourite drink at mamak?

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