Refreshing lime and sour plum drink in 1 minute (limau asam boi)

Sweet And Simplelime honey asam boi

One of our favourite drink to order at hawker stalls is a glass of cold of limau asam boi or kat chai suen mui. It’s the best thirst quencher on a hot day. Not only it is refreshing, it contains lime juice which is rich in vitamin C. The drink is flavoured with sour and salty dried plum and sweetened with sugar. Since we’re making it at home, we decided to substitute sugar with honey instead.

lime honey asam boi

> dried preserved plum / asam boi x 1
> lime x 2 – 3
> honey x 1 tbsp
> water x 1 cup
> ice x few cubes


lime honey asam drink
1. Slice lime into half and squeeze it into a glass through a sift.
2. Put in a tablespoon of honey to sweeten it. You can also use sugar but we prefer honey as it’s a healthier alternative.
3. Add water and stir until well-combined.
4. Add one asam boi (dried preserved plum) and few cubes of ice.

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