Lazy-tangy cold-pressed juice

Since investing in a slow-juicer, I try to make cold-pressed juice as often as possible. Realistically, the best I can do is two to three times a week. My modus operandi is make enough to last a few days before juicing again. Having spent many hundreds on this appliance, I told myself “This will not be left lonely in my kitchen!”.

To ensure that the machine is a worthy purchase, I devised many ways to make juicing as simple as possible so I’ll be more inclined to make it. Keeping my fridge organised is one way (Read: How to organise your fridge for a healthier lifestyle). When I’m really busy, I resort to my tangy, no-peel l juice.

There are never-ending juicing combinations. If you look in juicing books, most target conditions e.g reduce fats (Read: Citrus Fat Burner Juice) or help detox (Read: Green recipe detox juice). This time, I just want a combination that is both convenient and tasty.


no peel juice - JewelPie5

No peel juice?
There are never-ending juicing combination. If you look in juicing books, most target conditions e.g reduce fats (Read: Juice to reduce fats and cellulite) or help detox (Read: Green detox juice). This time, I just want a combination that is both convenient and tasty.

As I have a wide-mouth juicer, I already eliminate the need to cut fruits into small pieces. On top of not having to peel my produce, I choose fruits and vegetables that don’t require peeling e.g carrots, apples, celery, kai lan. No chopping. No peeling. It’s really just washing produce and throwing them into the machine.

I love the carrot- green apple-and ginger combo. Sweet carrot is balanced with sour green apples, while ginger gives a little spicy and peppery taste. As I like tangy drinks such as I put quite a lot of green apples. If you like it sweeter have more carrots. You can omit ginger entirely if you don’t like it. Juicing is really flexible!no peel juice - JewelPie11


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