Just-add-hot-water homemade instant noodles (Maggi curry flavour)

Since I moved out of my house and began working, I am very serious about cooking easy meals (check out Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes) and taking lunch to work (Join the Lunchbox Monday campaign!). Naturally, Make Your Own Instant Noodles at Seriouseats.com came to my attention, I knew I had to produce a Malaysian version DIY instant noodles.

JewelPie Instant Noodles by Sara Khong Main

My first experiment is a healthier version of everyone’s favourite: Maggi’s Curry noodles! I am embarassed to admit that I take quite a few of those to my European holidays. After days of eating bread and a long day sightseeing in the bitter cold, nothing is better than a familiar bowl of hot mihun or curry noodles.

JewelPie homemade instant noodles by Sara Khong 2

I love the noodles but not its harmful preservatives. So I’ve wanted to make homemade instant noodles for a while. Someone laughed and said that it defeats the purpose of instant noodles. I thought he doesn’t understand the joy in knowing you can make from scratch your favourite junk food and turn it into something incredibly healthy for your body and loved ones.

I must thank a friend, Ruben, who showed a particular spice powder that his mother ground. The homemade curry powder looks and smells a lot like Maggi’s curry seasoning. For this recipe, I’ve purchased preservative free meat curry powder from the supermarket and added other healthy seasonings such as homemade ikan bilis powder to imitate Maggi’s curry noodles.

JewelPie homemade instant noodles by Sara Khong 3

After a few rounds of experimenting, here’s the result of a recipe that we like (I think it tastes a lot like the real deal, just much better for your body!)


Meat curry powder x 2 tsp
Powdered ikan bilis, 2 tsp
Fried garlic x 2 tsp
Garlic oil x 2 tsp
Sea salt x 1 tsp

Dried noodles x 1
Frozen fish balls, cut into quarter (optional)
Nai bak vegetables, chopped (optional)

Glass jar
Hot water x  1 1/2 cup


JewelPie Infographic Homemade Instant Maggi Noodles

  1. Add seasonings (curry powder, powdered ikan bilis, fried garlic and garlic oil) into glass jar.
  2. Top it with noodles. If it’s too huge, break it into half.
  3. Put your preferred ingredients such as frozen fish ball and bok choy.
  4. Keep in the fridge
  5. Add hot, boiling water into the glass jar and cover.
  6. Let the noodles cook in the jar for 5 minutes.
  7. Enjoy your noodles!

JewelPie Instant Noodles 5


1. Ingredients: Optional ingredients such as fish balls and vegetables are cut into smaller pieces so that they cook faster. (The bigger the surface area, the faster the ingredients cooks). I also used frozen fish balls as they are already cooked. You can substitute with cooked homemade fish paste or fried ikan bilis.

2. To make ikan bilis powder: Simply bake ikan bilis and grind it into a powder using a pestle & mortar or a blender. Wait for a step-by-step tutorial; it’ll be up in a week.

Ikan bilis powder

2. To make crispy garlic and garlic oil: The quickest way to make this chopping garlic in a manual chopper, put oil and minced garlic in a microwave-safe bowl and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes.

You might want to check these out:

crispy ikan bilis and garlic


Meat curry powder: There are a lot of meat curry powders in the supermarket. It does not contain meat. Rather it contains spices that are suitable to cook meat. Common ingredients include coriander, chilli, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, star anise, cloves, cardamon, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper and white pepper. It’s possible to get one without preservatives. I did.

Noodles: I recommend dried noodles that doesn’t need to cook for a long time e.g rice noodles (mee hun) or glass noodles. I managed to find good wholemeal noodles. It softens in merely 5 minutes.

Glass jar / container: Any wide mouth-glass jar will do. You can also use a wide-mouth thermos. I’ve gotten mine from an old honey jar containing Yummi House’s honey. It fits the noodles and exactly 1.5 cups of water.

where to buy


A basic Maggi Hot Cup  is currently selling at RM 1.80. With toppings, both store-bought and homemade instant noodles cost about the same. The difference is our homemade version takes a little time to make and uses better ingredients (e.g homemade ikan bilis, preservative free powder, sea salt etc).

Homemade seasonings: RM 0.50
Dried Noodles: RM 1.10
Ingredients: RM 0.60


homemade maggi curry flavour instant noodles

I’m incredibly excited to have successfully created this great tasting, preservative-free and healthy instant noodles. Remember, you saw it at JewelPie first ;)

Would you try this? Let me know how it turns out at our Facebook or mail me at [email protected]!

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