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Shereton Lombok

I travel frequently and I travel for many reasons. One is becaause I love exploring parts of the world I haven’t seen or experienced before. That’s why I rarely visit the same place again. But there’s a few resorts that I don’t mind going back again and again; Shereton Sengigi Beach Resort is one of them. I loved the weather, the view, the pool, the adjoining beach, the friendly staff and the sumptuous breakfast spread.


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Every morning, I’ll have traditional jamu drink served in a small wooden cup. Normally, Jamu concoction can be rather bitter. However, at Shereton they’ve adjusted the taste to suit foreigners palate. The herbal tonic balanced with a tinge of zing from asam and sweetness from palm sugar. Sometimes, I was told, orange juice is added for a more pleasant flavour.

During my last visit in February, I had a cooking class with Chef Masnin and asked for the jamu recipe. He told me to have one glass every morning for general health and beauty. I’ve experimented a few times, and finally got a recipe that taste exactly like it.

Jamu Shereton LombokINGREDIENTS
Ginger roots (halia) x 100 g
Fresh turmeric (kunyit) x  100 g
Lemongrass (serai)  x 5 stalks
Cinnamon stick (kayu manis) x 1
Cloves (bunga cengkih) x 5
Tamarind slices (asam keping) x 4 g
Palm sugar x 100 g – 150 g

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