Easy gimbap / Korean sushi

If you follow us on Instagram (www.instagram/jewelpie), you would have noticed we have been making a lot of gimbap. What is gimbap? We find it easier to explain it as ‘Korean sushi’. While gimbap is derived from Japanese’s makizushi (rolled sushi) during Japanese occupation, gimbap is slightly different. Steamed rice is flavoured with sesame oil instead of rice vinegar, giving gimbap a distinctive taste.

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In Korea, this dish is popular for picnic. For us, this dish is perfect for house parties. A friend loves making this bite-size snacks because it’s easy to pop into the mouth between out endless chats. We’ve been making it a lot at home too as they are filling enough to make a meal by itself and suitable to pack for our Lunchbox Monday campaign.

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Seaweed and rice
Dried seaweed x 4 sheets
Rice grains x 1 cup
Sesame oil x 2 tsp
Salt x 1 tsp

Carrot x 1, cut into long strip
Cucumber x 1, cut into long strip
Eggs x 2
Pickled radish x 1, cut into long strip
Sausage x 2, cut into long strip

seaweed bamboo

Rice cooker
Bamboo rolling mat for sushi/gimbap

Cook rice. When rice is almost cook, mix with sesame oil and salt.

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While rice is cooking, prepare fillings. Whisk egg and cook a flat omelette. Boil sausage or cook it on a pan. Cut all fillings (omelette, cooked sausage, carrot, cucumber and pickled radish) into thin long strips.

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With a bamboo sushi roller, lay the dried seaweed on it with the shiny side down. Spread about 1/2 cup of hot rice onto 1/2 of the seaweed. Arrange the filling in the middle of the rice. Roll from the bottom, while pressing down with slight pressure to make the fillings compact. Dab water at the top seam to stick the roll. Cut each roll into smaller pieces with a pair of sharp knife.

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  • Hot rice – According to a friend who makes gimbap weekly, you have to make sure rice is hot. We always made it immediately when the rice is done.
  • Compact rice –  We find that compacting the cooked rice by pressing it with a spoon before rolling makes rolling easier
  • Use enough pressure –  It’s important to use enough pressure
  • Don’t put too much rice – Quantity of rice should not be too much to facilitate easier rolling
  • Serrated knife – We find that pieces of gimbap comes out better when cut using serrated knife
  • A cup of water – prepare a cup of water to wet the tip of gimbap. Wet seaweed roll sticks better.

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  • Typically, gimbap is filled with beef, spinach, sweet radish pickle (danmuji) and egg. Do use fresh ingredients if you can. To make it easier, we replaced spinach with cucumber and beef with sausage.
  • Sweet radish pickles is rather expensive in Malaysia. You can make it easily with 6 common ingredients. Click for recipe

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