Chrysanthemum flower and goji berry tea

Modern technology put a lot of strain on our eyes. Whether at work or at play, we look at screens on our computer, tablets and phones. Not only it is tires our eyes, in a long tun, it can negatively affect our vision. It we do not care for the health of our eyes, eye-related problems such as dry eyes can hamper our quality of life.

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Recently, after seeing an ophthalmologist, I’ve started taking omega-3 supplements. I’ve also added more spinach into my diet and make high-lutein green juice (Recipe: green juice). Nowadays, instead of the regular green tea and chamomile tea, I’ll also started making chrysanthemum and goji berry tea.

One of the many ways we can take care of our eyes is through consuming food high in lutein. Two common ones are chrysanthemum flowers and goji berries. Not only they have long shelf life, they are also relatively inexpensive.

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Benefits of chrysanthemum flowers and goji berries
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, chrysanthemum flower is said to improves vision and brighten eyes. Whereas, goji berry or wolfberry contains high level of caratenoids, especially zeaxanthin and lutein. In fact, it has the highest content of zeaxahthin in plant sources. Caratenoids may promote eye-health through their ability to protect the eyes from light-induced oxidative damage and ageing, through their antioxidant actions as well as their ability to filter out UV light (Source: Food For Your Eyes by Dr. Kenneth Fong & Goo Chui Hoong).
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Prep time: 5 minutes
Waiting time: 5 minutes
Serves: 2


Chrysanthemum x 3 tbsp
Goji berry x 2 tsp
Hot water x 2 cups

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Teacup and saucer
Electric kettle


Boil water in an electric kettle. While water is heating up, rinse goji berries and chrysanthemum. Then put them in the strainer compartment of the teapot.

Pour hot water in the teapot. Let is steep for 5 minutes. Pour into a teacup and enjoy!

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  • If you like your tea to have a deeper flavour, either add more ingredients or let it steep for a longer time.
  • If you’re used to sweetened drinks, you can add some honey to an otherwise neutral tasting tea.

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Are you concern about the health of your eyes? Let us know so that we can share more recipes!

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