Burdock Root Soup and Black Bean For Detoxification

My love for soup is borne out of familiarity as well as extensive study. Up until my early twenties, I drink Chinese soup almost everyday. When the burden (or joy) of cooking fell upon my shoulder, soup was still something I make often, though not daily. It was a dream to make as it was easy to put together and most importantly fool-proof for a new cook. Sometimes, I only need to make some rice and eat it with the ingredients in the soup.

burdock root soup

At the beginning, I made common soup such as lotus root soup and ABC soup. Nowadays, as I’m trying to expand my diet and include different food into it. So I started doing a lot of reading on soup and herbs. When my mother bought a long and brown stick-like root, I was introduced to burdock root soup which also contains highly nutritious yet inexpensive black beans. Upon further study, I was please to find this yummy soup is  great for detoxification!

burdock root soup2

According to The Encyclopedia or Herbal Medicine, Burdock root (ngauh bong/ 牛蒡) is one of the most detoxifying herbs in both Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine. It helps cleanse the body of waste products as well as heavy metals. This low-calorie root is used to treat problems caused by ‘overload of toxins’ such as boils, rashes and chronic skin problems. Whereas, Chinese black beans are mature black seeds of the soya plant and is believed to detoxify the kidney (A Tradition of Soup by Teresa M.Chen).

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 2 hours
Serves: 8

Burdock root x 1
Black beans x 1/4 cup
Carrot x 1
Chicken bones x 400 g
Red dates x 12 pieces
Goji berries x 2 tbsp
Water x 2 L
Salt to taste



Wash the vegetables, beans and herbs. Peel and chop both carrots and burdock roots into big pieces. Blanch chicken bones.

Add all the ingredients into a pot. Bring to boil and simmer for 2 hours.



  • You can boil the soup using different vessels: a stock pot, pressure cooker, slow cooker or thermal cooker. It depends on what you have, how fast you want it done and the timing. As it’s something that I prepare for the next day and I prefer slow-boiled soup, I used the thermal cooker.

burdock root soup 4burdock root soup3

Do try this highly nutritious, filling and detoxifying soup!

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