Kedongdong juice & cordial with sour plum


When I first visited the nursery to get some plants (Read: 3 air-filtering plants under RM 50), I stumbled upon the ambarella tree. Unfortunately, they don’t have any on sale. The kind gardener allowed me to pick some fruits to take home and I did! With my new plants and plucked fruits, I went home to set up a green corner and made my favourite kedongdong juice with asam boi.


I juice frequently, about one to three times a week. Fruits that makes regular appearance in my juice includes cucumber, carrots and ginger. These are commonly found in the supermarket. But I’ve never made kedongdong juice, so I had a quick chat with the owner at a Chinese restaurant where they have regular supply of this rare, delicious juice.


What is amra fruit?
This tropical fruit comes with a lot of names: ambarella, amra and kedongdong. This oval fruit has a rather thick rind, and the inside is hard and crisp.When unripe, it carries a tangy taste. A ripe fruit taste delightful, a reminiscence of mango-flavoured apple.


Prep time: 10- 20 minutes
Juicing time: 5 minutes
Serves: 2


Amra fruit/ kedongdong x  1 kg
Sugar syrup to taste
Amra fruit/ kedongdong x  1/2 cup
Sour plum x 1
Water, preferable filtered x 1 – 1.5 cup
Ice cubes




Soak amra fruit in filtered water and homemade fruits and vegetable wash, preferably about 20 minutes. Remove stems and clean. Prepare sugar syrup (Try our 1 minute simple syrup recipe)

Place amra in juicer and transfer concentrated juice into a bottle.

kedongdong juice

To make a glass of amra juice, mix 1/2 cup of concentrated juice to 1 – 1.5 cup of water. Sweeten with sugar syrup and add a sour plum. Let it sit for a while to allow plum to be infused in the drink. When ready to serve, top it with ice cubes.



  • Kedongdong can be bought at the supermarket. I’ve got a packet for RM 5 per kg.
  • If you don’t want to drink them immediately, you can make it into a cordial. Simply add sugar syrup to concentrated amra juice. When you feel like a cup of amra juice, just add water and a piece of plum.

kedongdong cordial

Do you like kedongdong juice?

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