READER’S REVIEW: Inglot breathable nail enamel

Everyone expect different things from a bottle of nail polish. Some like it matte instead of glossy and others are concern about the kind of ingredients used to make the varnish. Inglot O2M is specially formulated for people who prefer less chemical in their cosmetics; it does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, DBP or camphor.

Inglot O2m nail enamel

We’ve given our readers a bottle of Inglot’s O2M nail enamel, ‘A darker side of burgundies’. Let them tell you what they think of it.


INGLOT O2M  Breathable Nail Enamel, RM62

Eunice Chee:
The texture is smooth, very opaque and easy to apply in two coats. It dried fast and the black-cherry colour giving a very clean and sophisticated look. I realise the colour got darker as I wore it longer, going from nice and glossy, nearly to a more solid, rusty shade after the second day or so. I think every woman needs a classic wine nail polish in their collection and this could be one of the fantastic choice!

“The texture is smooth, very opaque and easy to apply in two coats.” – Eunice Chee

The texture is very fluid and I like that the smell is not strong however I feel that the brush is not so flexible during application and I need to apply three coats to reach my desired look. It doesn’t give an obvious glossy finish that I am used to.

The texture is very light which requiring a few layers of paint. It dries quickly and the colour is exactly like what being displayed on its packaging. I like the fact that this product does not contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde.



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