Rainbow fruit skewers for potluck parties (10 minutes)

Sweet And SimplePreparing for a potluck party need not be a stressful affair. Something homemade and which everybody will love can be incredibly easy to prepare. One of the many simple party food we adore is fruit skewer.JEWELPIE- Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Why fruit skewers makes a great party food?
> Beautiful to look at
> Healthy
> Suitable for both kids and adult
> Easy to eat at parties
> Quick to make

JEWELPIE - Rainbow Fruit Skewers

At JewelPie, we always find the simplest way of doing something. We want to avoid peeling and cutting fruits, so we chose green grapes instead of kiwi and buy canned pineapples. The only fruit you need to cut is mandarin oranges. Even that, we found an easy trick do it it (cutting it into a long strip!)JEWELPIE- Rainbow Fruit Skewers

> Strawberries
> Mandarin oranges
> Cubed pineapples, canned
> Green grapes
> Red grapes
> Bamboo skewers


JEWELPIE - Rainbow Fruit Skewers
(1) Wash fruits, (2) Extract pineapples from can and (3) peel mandarin oranges into a strip (Learn how to do it here). (4) Place all fruits on a plate. (5) Thread red grapes, green grapes, cubed pineapples, oranges and strawberries into the skewers.  Arrange them on a serving platter like a rainbow.

JEWELPIE - Rainbow Fruit Skewers

JEWELPIE - Rainbow Fruit Skewers7

JEWELPIE - Rainbow Fruit Skewers

What do you normally bring to potluck parties?

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