Spiced roasted peanut (4 ingredients, 5 minutes)

At JewelPie, we love to open our doors to family and friends. One very important thing is to ensure that their tummy is happy. What we serve largely depends on what we have in our fridge and pantry. It could be edamame, yoghurt parfait or banana ice-cream.

Lately, we found another snack which can be quickly whipped at home: spiced roasted peanut. The best thing is that all the ingredients can be kept in the panty for a relatively long time.

khmer roasted peanuts

This is unique roasted peanut dish is very popular in Siem Reap. Spices such as garlic, curry leaves and dried chillies make it super flavourful. It’s great munching on it between chats and drinks!

Peanuts x 1/2 cup
Garlic x 3 cloves
Curry leaves x 20 pcs
Dried chilli x 5 pcs
Sea salt x 1/4 tsp

spiced roasted peanut 3


Slice garlic thinly and cut dried chillies into 1/2 inch long.

Roast peanut and set aside. In an oiled wok, fry garlic, dried chilli and curry leaf until garlic turn crispy. Add peanuts and fry for a little while.

Dish into a bowl and sprinkle some sea salt in it.

spiced roasted peanut


  • Because of the deep colours (green, red and brown), this dish looks especially good in a white bowl.
  • This snack is good to accompany beer.
  • You can make a bigger batch and keep them in an air-tight container.
  • To impress your guest, serve it on banana bowl (Video tutorial: How to make a fish shaped bowl using banana leaves) or banana leaf decor.

spiced roasted peanut 2

Do you know of any quick homemade snack?

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