Quick Petai Pizza in 15 minutes

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This is a recipe I’ve stumbled upon one night. There was a request for pizza and but there was nothing left in the fridge other than a packet of petai. So the first petai toast was created. It was unexpectedly delicious!

I’ve since perfected the petai pizza using other ingredients in my favourite Malaysian dish, petai sambal. They are almost always available at every Malaysian home i.e ikan bilis, onions and chillies.

JewelPie: Petai Pizza

It’s a quick recipe that’s easy to assemble and can be put in your mouth in 15 minutes. I find it extremely handy when I’m busy or hungry at night.

JewelPie: Petai Pizza

> pita bread
> mozarella cheese
> tomato pasta sauce
> petai, sliced
> chili, sliced
> onions, sliced
> anchovies, peeled

Step-by-step photo tutorialJewelPie: Petai Pizza

1. Spread tomato pasta sauce on pita bread.
2. Sprinkle with mozarella cheese.
3. Top with chilli, petai, anchovies and onions.
4. Bake in the oven at about 200 degree celcius for 1o to 15 minutes.

JewelPie: Petai Pizza

I like the cheese completely melted and the size a little burned and crispy. The pita bread makes a perfect portion for one. You can also divide it into four and share with your love ones.  JewelPie: Petai Pizza

Have a good weekend and enjoy your petai pizza!

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