Quick make-up for a healthy glow (3 minutes, 5 products)

There are days and events that don’t warrant putting on any makeup – like grabbing a quick lunch with your grandmother or having good friends over at your place. You don’t want to remove mascara with makeup remover on a non-working day. Alas, we don’t look fresh-faced most of the time. Especially when we do not get enough rest, our face can look sallow. To avoid showing up looking sick and alarming family and friends, you might want to put on a little makeup for a healthy glow.

cosmeticsThis is a quick make-up tutorial with the objective of giving your face a healthy sheen; it’s not meant to cover your every flaw. We want to put as little product on our face as possible and avoid the hassle of having to remove them later. So we omitted mascara and pencil liner which are difficult to remove without using makeup remover. We only used 5 products – BB cream, eyeliner, cheek tint, tinted lipbalm and eyelash curler – in which are mostly natural and organic.

before and after

1. Face
To protect our face from UV rays and giving it some coverage, we use BB cream with UV protection. The cream helps even our complexion and hide some blemishes.

Product: MELVITA BB Cream SPF 15 (Rose Nectar), RM 130.50.


2. Eyes
We want to avoid heavy lining of our eyes as we don’t want to spend too much time taking it off. Eye makeup is afterall the hardest and slowest to remove; it should be done gently to avoid tugging of our eyes which might cause premature wrinkling. Merely create a wing the end of the eyes with a non-water proof liquid eyeliner. This trick gives a little definition to the eyes and an illusion of longer lashes.

Product:  L’OREAL Super Liner blackbuster, RM 39.90.

Loreal Super Liner

2. Curler
Curl your lashes to ‘open’ up your eyes. It’s amazing how awake you can look when they are curled up like a doll.

Product: SHU UEMURA Eyelash Curler, RM 90

lashes4. Cheek
Give yourself an after-workout blush with a cheek tint. It looks more natural than a powder blusher. Put a few drops of the liquid on the apple of the cheek and dab it with your fingers.

Product: AUBREY ORGANICS Lip and cheek tint, RM 46.


5. Lips
Use a moisturising lipstick or tinted lipbalm to give some colour on a pair of pale lips. Instead on gliding it, bab your lips lightly with it for a more natural look. Our aim is to give our lips just a hint of colour.

Product: BURT’S BEE Lip Shimmer (Rhubarb), RM 34.80.


What products do you use to achieve a natural and healthy look?

Disclosure: Burt’s Bee Lipbalm, Shu Uemura’s Curler and Aubrey’s lip and cheek tint were products purchased previously. Melvita’s BB Cream and L’Oreal’s eyeliner were received for consideration.

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